To secure, foresee and resolve.


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Law Firm provides comprehensive legal assistance for both natural persons and entrepreneurs participating for business transactions.

We offer professional legal advice, high professional level of provided services and we guarantee commitment to ongoing matters. We also offer regular legal services for our business clients.
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Anna Grabek

Attorney-at-law. Mrs. Anna Grabek has professional experience in the scope of legal representation and representation of clients before common courts - civil and commercial proceedings in particular. Mrs. Anna Grabek also provides legal assistance for entrepreneurs, what includes preparation and assessment of contracts, preparation of legal opinions and recovery of claims through court and enforcement proceedings. Mrs. Grabek also specializes in claiming damages from insurance companies and entities liable for damage. In her professional career, Mrs. Grabek served as an advisor for infrastructural projects, representing construction companies at all stages of their investments. Mrs. A. Grabek acquired her professional experience in Warsaw law firms and also while she was working as an in-house lawyer in various companies. Anna Grabek is an attorney-at-law at the Bar Association of Attorneys-at-Law in Warsaw. Mrs. Anna Grabek is also able to work in English.

Gabriel Gróndwald

Attorney-at-law. Mr. Gabriel Gróndwald specializes in matters related to civil law, in particular contract law and real estate law, administrative law, copyright law, public procurement law, cooperative law, housing association and family law. Mr. G. Gróndwald provides legal assistance for natural persons and business entities in the area of his specialization. He acquired professional experience while he was working for several years in renowned law firms and state entities having their headquarters in Warsaw. Mr. Gabriel Gróndwald is an attorney-at-law at the Bar Association of Attorneys-at-Law in Warsaw. Mr. G. Gróndwald sat on the supervisory boards of various commercial law companies and currently, is a member of the Supervisory Board of Przedsiębiorstwo Usług Komunalnych sp.z o.o. in Ełk. He is also a certified Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor (DGSA). Mr. G. Gróndwald is also able to work in English.





Online Lawyer

We offer a possibility to receive legal assistance online.

Online legal assistance is a service specifically dedicated to people who are unable to visit a law firm personally or are located beyond the Polish borders.
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Law Firm of Anna Grabek, Attorney-at-Law

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